"color me kurt"

As everything does, this site began as a simple thought: "why isn't there anything out there for me?". Humans are complex and interesting, and while some may find where they belong with ease, others are forced to seek it out through trial and error. Exceptions in life can always be made, but Color Me Kurt was the decision to not settle for something great, and instead create something amazing. There are so many colors in the world, literal and metaphorically, and this site is aimed to embrace them all. With a focus on arts and entertainment media, we hope to one day create an environment for those with a more diverse color palette-- either contributing to a single interest, or a community that share many common fascinations.

Our goal is to create both a community and a little slice of the internet that's dedicated to appreciating many things, and giving others the means to either get their work out to like-minded people, or creating a one-stop shop where the average passerby can keep up to date on multiple aspects of their lives.




Maddie | founder

I'm a wannabee meteorologist who now occasionally does art. I'd love to say I was great at math and graduated top of my class from my good ole' Southern Californian suburb college with a degree in clouds, but I skated by high school by using Glee references in my homework to get through half of my senior year classes.

Maddie has a Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram that you can find her on, as well as her own site, which serves as her art portfolio.


kait | Social Media Coordinator

One time at an interview the person interviewing me asked how my friends would describe me and I said "it's really nice that you assume that anyone, anywhere, talks about me". And then I didn't get the job. Also I really love pomeranians and chicken nuggets.

Kait can be found as 'Ginger Lass Cosplay' on both Facebook and Instagram, as well as on her general Twitter.





Really likes dogs.


Site Personnel


finn | security

He's not a very smart man, but he knows what love is. 

Finn has no social media, as he has no thumbs.