Artist Spotlight: Alex

Alex, also known as Fausti_Pluvia or AlexakaFaustus, is a growing artist currently pursuing an art minor from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He mainly focuses on drawing media, such as ink, colored pencil, graphite, and charcoal. While he enjoys almost all subject matters, he specializes in portraiture. Art has become a major part of Alex’s life and a crucial form of creative expression for him.

Alex first became interested in drawing as a freshman in high school after finding inspiration from an encouraging art teacher. Following the drive to get better and better at his craft, he became the second ever junior student at his high school to attend the Art Thesis class, usually reserved for seniors. Now in his third year of creating, Alex feels that his work is really taking off.

A major focus within Alex’s portraits appears to be a playful sense of perspective and viewpoint. Alex often poses his subject matters in unflattering, awkward, or uncomfortable poses and unusual compositions that offer his viewers a unique experience. His artworks leave an impression and remain memorable for their quirky aspect.

 Alex also enjoys taking familiar concepts and changing them to create something novel and original.

One of Alex’s favorite pieces follows this weird trend: a 4 foot tall self-portrait made with oil paint sticks featuring an unusual, distorted view of his own face, seemingly from a downward angle. Using his fingers to blend and move the pigments about the canvas, Alex worked for 7 days to create the massive artwork. This piece certainly makes a statement, not only with its large size, but also with the warped proportions of Alex’s own features. With eyes staring directly at the viewer and a clear view directly up Alex’s nostrils, the portrait matches the distinct personality of its creator. “I’m so proud of it because it’s weird and unique, just like me,” Alex boasts. Critics seem to agree with the skill of the portrait as it has won Alex two Honorable Mentions and a 2nd Place ribbon in three different art shows. “It’s also a great conversation starter and has given me a lot of funny stories,” Alex chuckles.

Continuing the pattern of challenging one’s viewpoint, Alex has been working on a series of LGBTQIA+ Twisted Fairy Tale artworks that allow for a different perspective on well-known fairy tales. “Fairy tales have always been straightforward and, well...straight,” Alex remarks. “What if they weren’t?” By gender-bending popular characters, Alex hopes to offer a new idea to his viewers. Once completed, this series will be released as a collectible series on NeonMob, an artist trading card website completely dedicated to collecting digital copies of artworks.

As a growing artist, Alex aims to continue improving as he further creates artworks. “My goal is to get better at using color and using it to my advantage to create stunning pieces,” he shares. Alex would also like to improve his landscape work as he struggles with depicting environments.

For others seeking to further their artistic abilities, Alex recommends to keep challenging yourself and practicing until you attain your goals. Realize where your strengths and weaknesses lie and strive to improve upon your work. “You can only get better with practice,” Alex reminds. “If you don’t try more advanced things to push yourself, you won’t grow in your skill.”


  • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Nebraska Young Artist Award
  • Scholastic Art and Writing Show: 2 Silver Keys, Honorable Mention
  • Kim Foundation - Hope and Healing Through Creativity Contest: 1st Place
  • A.C. Lofton Art Show - Senior Class: 2nd place, Honorable Mention
  • Iowa Western Art Show: 3 Honorable Mentions
  • Nebraska State Latin Convention - Art: 1st Place 3 years in a row
  • AP Art Test: 3 and 4 on a 1-5 scale


COLOR ME KURT: How did you first become interested in your craft, and how long have you been creating?

ALEX: I first became interested in drawing as a Freshman in High School. I had an amazing art teacher that inspired me to get better and better at my craft. I didn't start creating what I consider to be my better artwork until Junior Year of High School. That is when I really took off, being the second ever Junior in my High School Art Thesis class for mostly Seniors. This is now my third year of creating.

CMK: What is your favorite part of your line of work?

A: I love being able to show my hard work and dedication through something physical. It gives me a purpose in doing what I do. If I didn't have something to show, I wouldn't be happy.

CMK: What creation of yours is your favorite, and why?

A: My favorite artwork would have to be my 4 foot tall self-portrait made with oil paint sticks and just my fingers. It only took 7 days to paint, but was quite the challenge. I'm so proud of it because it's weird and unique, just like me. It earned me 2 honorable mentions and 2nd place in 3 art shows. It's also a great conversation starter and has given me a lot of funny stories.

CMK: Do you have any advice for those wishing to pursue a similar interest or career?

A: My best advice for people wishing to pursue art is to keep trying and push yourself.

You can only get better with practice. If you don't try more advanced things to push yourself, you won't grow in your skill. All it takes is time and effort. Make sure you have something else to fall back on if art doesn't work out. Find out what you love and keep working at getting better.

CMK: Lastly, your favorite colour?
A: Orange

You can continue to follow along with Alex' work on his social media:

Instagram: Alex_S_Molnar
Twitch: Fausti_Pluvia
Twitter: Faust_Pluvia

Author: Noelle M. B.