Artist Spotlight: Noelle M. Brooks

Noelle M. Brooks

Starting off strong, Noelle is one of the most dedicated and hardworking artists currently on Twitch. She all but molded the site's creative streaming section, having been one of the first to really commit and build her own following in it. Not only is her art incredible, but her streams are warm and welcoming, and her community even moreso. On a more personal aspect, Noelle has become a loyal and caring close friend, and is one of the most positive and optimistic people I've ever stumbled upon.

Noelle does a majority of her work traditionally, choosing to focus on (but not limit herself to) animals and creatures. Her mediums stretch as far as her subjects, ranging from basic ballpoint or colored pencil, to more intricate oil work or experimental mixed media. Noelle's workload is also just as immense, her website portfolio showcasing over one hundred of her pieces, each of which is more unique and detailed than the last. 

She occasionally works digitally as well, lending her talents to digital art and graphic design, leading her to be one of the most diverse in experience on Twitch.

One of Noelle's current and most in depth series is Leucism, which focuses on the bare minimums of nature. Each piece is made with only black and white ink, allowing you to focus on the texture, pattern, and emotion of each animal.

You can follow Noelle through her website, or by her social media:

Twitter: noellembrooks
Instagram: noellembrooks
Twitch: noellembrooks
NeonMob: noellembrooks

You can also support her through her Patreon!

Noelle is also the creator of Fauna Focus.