BONUS: Follow Up With Sonne

A few months ago, Noelle interviewed Simon Nielsen, or Sonne, for our artist spotlight. As it's been a few months since the initial spotlight was put together, both Sonne and I agreed to have a quick chat to catch up, as well as dive a little deeper into both his life and his art!

COLOR ME KURT: You spoke about your preferred subject matter (men) briefly. What specifically drew you to that specifically?

SONNE: Like many people nowadays, I am drawn to the human figure and see it as a magical and artistic subject. Most people see women as exactly that. I however see men as that. There's something about their angular yet organic shapes that just make me want to explore them and create pleasing illustrations. Also, there might be a sliver of me that is hoping they'll spring to life and I entertain the idea of them being romantically invested in me. For better or for worse, this makes the pieces very personal to me!

CMK: Most of, if not all of your art, involves very bright colour palettes. Has that been a conscious and consistent choice, or was it something you simply came into over time?

S: There is something about vibrancy and almost unnatural saturation that creates this story that I really like. It keep the paintings very dream-like and that is an aesthetic I like in my art. I don't know when it became a conscious choice, but I distinctly remember a piece I made before I started posting anything on the internet. It had this very saturated red glow to it, and I really liked it - it might have been there I realized my stylistic choice in colors?

CMK: You touched on the topic of mental illness, and how you interlace it into your art. How does it feel to put something so personal into your public work? Do you think being open about it has helped you grow as both an artist and person?

S: Mental illness is something I feel like should be unstigmatized. It's hard for me to put myself out there in public work, because of the stigma, but I also know that it helps remove the stigma an taboo to have an open dialogue about it. I definitely feel like it's made me grow to become more confident in my self in many endeavors - art related or not - and artistically it produces this rawness that creates a story which people can relate to.

CMK: Since it's been some time, what are some of your more recent favourite pieces you've made? 

S: This one is a piece I made a month or so back, that I recently put an animation over. Its title is "Porcelain" and it portrays the strength in fragility or the fragility in strength, depending on your perspective. 


This one has no title, however, it portrays a beaten man, with many fresh wounds, but a man who won't back down, who is determined and unrelenting in his will. 


This is the "Botanist". A vulnerable man, whose nurture and care can make anything grow - this was less of a story, and more of a print representing my mom and her interest in gardening.


CMK: Where do you plan to take your art career in the future? 

S: This is a tough one, because it's hard to steer or predict how your art is gonna evolve and what it amounts to in the real world - however, I want to see myself exhibited at local galleries and café's in the future. Copenhagen (where I live) is a wonderful place with many nooks and crannies with unique individuals visiting every day. It'd be great to be able to tell my story to these people, and I'd hope they would ressonate with my art! I am also going to launch a Kickstarter Campaign in the near future, featuring a "Porcelain" print as a pledge reward!


Future updates about Sonne and his art can be found through any of his social media!

Twitch: SonneArt
Twitter: SonneSolskin

Author: Maddie B.