Cosplayer Spotlight: Greytooth Cosplay


Ky, known as Greytooth Cosplay, is as much of a diamond in the rough could be in the cosplaying community. In the past few months alone, his collection of creations has grown immensely, only adding to his previous ventures, each of which is just as detailed and quality as the last. His interests also dwell anywhere from the more popular franchises he happens to find appeal in, to the slightly more weird. From Dragon Age to Game of Thrones, and comic books to monster movies, there's easily a little somethin' somethin' for everyone.

Ky's attention to detail is apparent in every one of his cosplays, leading to each being intricate and accurate, while also still clearly displaying his own personal style. He also is an immensely talented artist, and his work can occasionally be found scattered among his social media.

Personally, Ky is incredibly warm and friendly, as vouched for by those who have met and befriended him. His constant positivity and inspiring attitude is all but infectious, and it's near impossible to not be an admirer of his work and his personality, as well as his commitment and profesionalism to his craft.

Photo by Victor Perez

Photo by Victor Perez

Ky is based out of Southern California, and can be found at multiple conventions and events in the area. 

More of Ky's work can be found throughout his social media!

Facebook: Greytooth Cosplay
Instagram: Greytooth_Cosplay
Twitter: Stenchbeast

Ky is also the First Constable of the Dragon Age Warden cosplay guild, Wardens of the West.

Madeline Brooks