Look at us, getting serious! (Week of 8/21-8/25)

We've now shifted gears, and are busting through the internet at a (sorta) rapid speed!  Yay!

There's a lot of updates for this week, so strap in-


With our content being sorted and site contributors slipping into habits, we've got a fairly loose but actually official schedule in the works!

Offsite over on Twitch, our streams are currently running Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. Tuesday's stream will be Maddie (Starkurt) doing either art, crafting, or cosplay work; Wednesday will be Owen, either working in Creative or Gaming; and Friday is the stream we're most excited for-- Quickplay, where we will either be streaming a single player game, have commentary on such, or be playing a multiplayer or party game with a bunch of our rowdy selves.

While our other blogs are still a work in progress, our spotlight blogs are up and running! Every month, there will be two Artist Spotlights, and sandwiched between will be an alternating Music Spotlight (featuring monthly recommendations of big artists and singles as well as promoting more indie bands) and Cosplay Spotlight. All spotlights will be posted on Wednesday of every week!

And (with the exception of this week), all news posts and newsletters will be out on Monday!


As of today, we're happy to announce that we'll be represented at TwitchCon! Maddie, or Starkurt, was given the opportunity to table in Artist's Alley this year, and will be at the convention all weekend selling both her own art and creations as well as items from Color me Kurt contributors! The convention runs October 20-22nd, and tickets are still on sale!

While we always have something coming up, we're also totally interested in what you guys want to see us at! So if you've got something cool coming up, or know of anything interesting you'd like to see us attend, let us know through email or our social media, and we'll check it out!


Lastly, with our upcoming table at TwitchCon, we will be opening up our store sometime this fall! We'll keep you posted!


Madeline Brooks