Want to join our team?


Color Me Kurt is looking for contributors! If you like what we do and think you'd enjoy working with us, check out the openings* we have below, and shoot me an email!


- Maddie

*All positions are paid.

Color Me Kurt is a freelance site, and respects anyone's right to creative freedom. While working with us will hold expectations for a sense of loyalty, we do not and will not own your works unless you have explicitly stated you would like to have an exclusive agreement with us. Anyone working with us will be loved and respected, and all we ask is the same in return!

Content: Artist

In the most literal of forms, we want your colors! That web comic idea you've always wanted to get started? Want it! Those current event doodles you've wanted to get out of your head? Want it! The cool paintings you want to make? Want it, want it, want it!

Artists will either be hired on a negotiated salary with a required amount of content produced, or be added to our Standby, which will put you on a commission-ready list for a casting call when needed. 

Send Us: 

  • A quick summary of what you'd like to create. OR:
  • Your preferred medium/desired work, if you'd like to be put on Standby.
  • Your portfolio.

Content: Journalism

Heading to a big, cool event soon? Want to keep up to date on the latest music or movies? Have a lot of opinions? Cool!

Journalists on the site will be responsible for submitting content on a regular (yet entirely flexible) schedule on anything of special interest. No writer is required to stick to any subject, but will be expected to work and communicate well with anyone already focusing on a specific area. A minimum word count will be required.

Send us:

  • A topic you would like to start with, or if already on the site, a blog that you are interested in working on.
  • A writing sample on something entirely fake and ridiculous. Get creative! OR:
  • Your personal journalism blog, if running one.

Content: Video Journalism

If you've got a vlog or a video series you'd like to produce, we're looking for you too!

Video journalists (much like written journalists) will be responsible for producing regular content. A specific series or subject is preferable to a grab bag! Life vlogs are also an interest, but will be required to uphold the same standards and timeliness of other video content.

Send us:

  • A quick summary of what you'd like to make.
  • A portfolio or short reel.

Site: Graphic designer

Everybody loves graphics!

Graphic designers will be responsible for anything that requires a touch of design, including but not limited to video thumbnails, preview images, and site enhancements. Designers can choose an area to focus on, but if it's not a position that will require a steady workflow, you will be held on a commission-only basis. Designers can also request to be put on Standby, which would allow them to be hired out by contributors individually as opposed to working directly with the site.

Send us:

  • Your portfolio.
  • Any specific area specialities, or if you'd like to only be on Standby.


While we firmly believe that all colors are worth something, we are a small community, and are trying our best to afford to pay all of our site contributors. However, we will never turn down an offer to help free of charge, and will always greatly appreciate it. If you would like to join our site and produce content without any reimbursement, feel free to email me with the address above, and let me know what you'd like to help with. If you don't see a subject you're interested in above, I can assure you, we will likely be looking for help in just about anything. And again, thank you so much! It means the world. - M